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Every legal requirement is a personal matter

Our philosophy

At De Kooker Attorneys, every legal requirement is a personal matter. It is therefore that the three fundamental principals of proficiency, excellence and professionalism, together with our purpose driven commitment to you the client, form the core pillars of our business. Irrespective of who you are, the same fundamental business philosophy will be applied as we continuously work towards delivering a service that is just, ensuring that the highest level of quality and professionalism is achieved with every matter. We care enough about your business, to make it ours.

Welcome to the end of your legal burdens and the start of your legal freedom.

Our areas of practice

Commercial Law


Family Law




"DK Attorneys is a dedicated and dynamic, no nonsense practice that has proven to pack a heavyweight and decisive litigation punch. We run a small pub and restaurant in Roodepoort, Gauteng and continually value their expertise."


Des Fouche | The Irish Rock Pub and Diner

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